> [!abstract] About > Hi! My online persona is Alex Qwxlea and these are my public notes, or [[💡digital garden]], if you will. The fields that currently interest me: > [!info] Where to start: > - For an overview of what could generously be called my [[zettelkasten system|zettelkästen]]: [[🗄️ Keyword Index]] > - To see what changed: [[Changelog]] > > - [[🗂️Zettelkasten and Evergreen notes]] > - [[🪤Human behavior as automatons]] > - [[Exploring Andy's notes]] > - [[Sleep]] > > [Kleine Welten VIII](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kleine_Welten_VIII_(Small_Worlds_VIII)_MET_DP855297.jpg) > ![[Kleine_Welten_VIII_(Small_Worlds_VIII)_MET_DP855297_1655152555668_0.jpeg|300]] > Kandinsky’s map of my PKM #art ## Currently Reading - [[Personal Knowledge Graphs Connected Thinking to Boost Productivity, Creativity and Discovery]] - [[Thinking in Bets - Annie Duke]] – stalled, it’s a bit repetitive - [[How to Think Like a Roman Emperor - Donald J Robertson]] - very good, so far ---- I am publishing these notes to explore the idea of [[learning in public]], I would love to hear any suggestions, opinions or criticism you may have. Simply [write me an e-mail](mailto:[email protected]). For a better **about** page, see: [About This Website · Gwern.net](https://gwern.net/about) (this is what I want to look like when I grow up) <a rel="me" href="https://pkm.social/@qwxlea">Find me on Mastodon!</a>